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Behavior Issues Solved!

Dogs are dogs and, just like any of us, they do what works for them. If barking at you gains…

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Behaviors Solved!

Things Dogs Do That Drive Us Nuts!

  • Jumping up on friends and family
  • Barking and "going crazy" at the sound of a knock on the door
  • Pulling like a sled dog when we go for a walk
  • Dashing out the front door every time someone opens it


These are just a few of the things dogs do because they are dogs. If we haven't taught them what we want them to do, it's quite natural for them to jump, get excited, pull or dash out to explore.

Positive Solutions!

  • Teach the dog to sit when approached by a person
  • Teach the dog to run to a dog bed, lie down and wait calmly to be released to  possibly greet the visitor
  • Teach the dog to walk near your side with a slack leash using permission to have a good sniff as the reward
  • Teach the dog to run to a mat or dog bed on cue and wait for release

Your Dog's Personal Trainer will teach you and your dog the skills needed to solve any of the ordinary "behavior problems" that keep you from enjoying time spent with your dog.


Seminars hosted by Your Dog's Personal Trainer and Synergy Behavior Solutions

TEAM Animal Behavior
  • Ken Martin, DVM, DIPL. ACVB
  • Debbie Martin, RVT, VTS (Beh), KPA Faculty
  • Julie Shaw, RVT, VTS (Beh), KPA Faculty

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The Behavior of Dogs !

Interactive Classroom Instruction

Canine behavior and development.
Behavior problem prevention.
Behavior modification tools and techniques.

Hands-on Exercises and Live Demonstrations

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    . . .  Why Not Teach Our Beloved Dogs Without Force Too?

    Click on this wonderful poster by Lili Chin that shows a myriad of useful behaviors taught to exotic and zoo animals without force!

    Use this link to read the stories or watch
    videos of each of these real life examples
    of animal training!

    Thank you, Lili Chin, for such a wonderful way
    to boost the use of positive interactions in all training.

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